Here is an overview of the people that Participated at ‘Let’s talk Coffee 2012’

Café Mystique Coffee participated at the 10th annual Let’s Talk Coffee which was held in the state of Antioquia, Colombia, just outside of the vibrant city of Medellin. With more than 460 participants from 28 countries, this year’s event was the biggest and most ambitious event yet. Having participated on the event was crucial, as we work together to shape the next generation of relationship coffee.

Over the course of four days, participants attended discussions, workshops, and field trips. They discussed certifications, sustainability, and metrics, cupped both arabicas and robustas, attended a training inside a real shipping container, and visited model farms in the mountains of Colombia.

Sevan Istaboulian from Mystique Coffee traveled to Colombia to build stronger relationships and to share ideas at Let’s Talk Coffee. It was great to spend time with all our coffee peers in Colombia!

Participants were part of a cupping workshop

Let’s Talk Coffee is a hallmark event highlighting the power of Sustainable Harvest’s Relationship Coffee model. By fostering direct conversations among coffee industry partners, we cultivate a community of trust that results in higher quality coffee and reliability throughout the supply chain. Each year, participants discuss and debate pressing issues and challenges, taste and calibrate coffee quality and dive into hands-on trainings and workshops together.

Sevan Istamboulian preparing a nice BBQ for the participants, they were all delighted!

Let’s Talk Coffee is a chance for producers and roasters alike to learn about the latest innovations in the industry and in business. Experts from around the world share cutting-edge ideas in financing and traceability, business models, technology, exemplary quality, and best practices among coffee suppliers from Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Click to watch the video of the event, and see Sevan in action too!

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